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Jon Clay

Photographer and nerd trying to make cool stuff and pretty pictures around West Michigan.

I love what I do, and I'd love to do it for you!

Contact links are right above, please message me with your favorite means of communication to book a shoot, discuss a project, or question about pricing and availability. Pricing is case by case and on a sliding scale as I do not believe quality photography should be reserved for only those with large disposable incomes. Please do not be shy.

For easy cutting and pasting:


I am eager to create photos for all needs; from seniors, families, and weddings to live performances, recitals, and events, to editorial projects, press kits, and ad campaigns.

I'm a big nerd. I draw inspiration from video games, movies, TV, traditional media artists, and fashion magazines. I hope some of my favorite media comes through in my work as I'm always paying homage to those who have entertained and inspired me.

If you have a fantasy inspired project in mind, create jewelry/wardrobe/props, or wish to cultivate a brand style, please contact me, as this is the direction I am always pushing my work.

Oh, by the way, you can order prints of most of the photos on this website! Just click the little blue shopping cart icon.

Thank you!

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